13 April 2014

cabin at the lake

Lake Texoma in all its wonder

Make you wonder why you don't get out of town more often!

It's only a hour away from DFW's wandering

But seemingly light years away from all the city stuff

UP shot of trees in a little pseudo forest

Too hot for a fire - but this would be nice on a rainy day!
Spring is already phasing out here in North Texas,
And it was in the 80's already!

Tea on the patio in the morning.
Between bugspray and sunscreen etc,
It still is nice to just be outside!

The cabin had everything - except mugs.
So we drove across the border to OK -
It was great to be back in Texas!

Fish Tacos
I need to learn this recipe

Burger with no bun 
Add Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese and Avocado
I think food is all about the presentation!

The lake levels are really down

A restaurant on the lake was all the rage!

As we were driving, I cried out - LOOK - a cow!

And it was indeed a baby cow -
At a petting zoo at the lake

Dinner Time - they didn't care much about us -

Sherri didn't want to go "camping" 
But I told her it was "glamping" and not to worry -

The a/c was cold, there was indoor plumbing,
And a kitchenette - 

All the comforts of home

I think I made a believer out of her!


  1. I really don't like camping - and I've been dozens of times, so I really know I don't like it. But glamping is not bad - not bad at all. Out in the middle of nowhere with practically nothing and STILL you produce the best food I've ever eaten. You never cease to amaze me. Great weekend. Let's do it again sometime!

    1. And yes, you've made a believer out of me - that LC is easy, delicious, satisfying, and most importantly, do-able no matter where you are or what you're doing.


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