13 April 2014


Ah - the Bonham VA

I can't wait to die and go there sometimes - yes - 
It's THAT good

MuddBones in Bonham

Not real Opossum -
The guy's (late) wife called it that....
Ground Beef with Bacon and Cheese inside
(The Bacon and the Cheese "played possum" with the Beef)
Last time I did that, I set the grill on fire! 

RattleSnake Eggs -
Ground Beef with Jalepeno Peppers etc

The guy apologized that he "ruined" hamburgers for me -
Now, after eating at MuddBones, 
I would never have a good burger anywhere else again!


  1. I'm not sure Muddbones ruined all other hamburgers for me - they were good, but not sure they were "the best." It was surely a fun place, though. But those rattlesnake eggs - we need to try to concoct our own version on one of our Monday nights!

  2. This place is literally has served the best burger I have ever eaten! I love the mushroom Swiss! And their smokey sauce is to die for. This is the best place to eat in bonham!


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