27 December 2012

happy mani-fest-ivus

I love this time of year - "Guy Foods"
And Fatty Treats that are otherwise hard to find.

See, I never sat down and said .... "GOSH - I am sure a Fattie!
OMG Becky - look at my butt - it's so OUT THERE!
Hmm... I think I'll try Atkins! I've GOT to try something..."
I kind of fell into the whole LoCarb thing...
And I never ever get tired of telling the story.

In 4 years, a person could earn a college degree. But
I keep flunking out, and making the same Sophomoric mistakes.
Now I really GET what Atkins is - and what it is not.

This is the butter and coconut oil I take with me to munch on at work!

It has taken me every bit of 3.5 years to wrap my brains around
the concept of eating fats - and ketogenic diets...
It goes against everything we are taught.... 
Which SHOULD have been my first clue - to trust it!
Atkins is not a LoCarb diet; it is a High Fat diet.
Lots and lots of Saturated Fats.
Turns out that even the experts are now saying
That Sat Fats are not the evil we once thought they were.

And cheating on Atkins is a very slippery slope -
A simple glass (or two) of wine at night - can, and does 
REALLY show up!
The good Doctor himself wrote that the only reason 
his diet ever fails is because of cheating - or alcohol!

Am I really able to "give up" all kinds of sweet "treats" ...
And let them lose their appeal once and for all?
Maybe I had better leave the candy and cookies
For the kids, and "grow up" to a better diet for me!

So this Way Of Eating is becoming a real commitment to me.
Not just a bunch of words in a blog.
Not just a way to drop a few pounds whenever I need to.
I am a slow learner - better later than ever, I guess!
The unexamined diet is not worth eating!

Can you see the birds flying south for the winter? 
Too cold here in Dallas!
Happy Holidays continue!


  1. "Atkins is not a LoCarb diet; it is a High Fat diet."

    You are so right, it does go against a generation of anti-fat propaganda. I guess it just takes time to get that perspective, to figure out what works best for each individual. You've come a long way, and learned so much. I appreciate that you generously share it here as you go.

    "The unexamined diet is not worth eating!"
    ha ha... witty little Texan you are! Socrates would be proud. ;-)

  2. What butt? Lol. OMG.. Look at my chins!! Haha. (Fantastic blog as usual, my friend!)

  3. Holding up my hand in agreement. I too am a slow learner but I will get the hang of this yet and it will become habit.

    Now I know, my body not only doesn't like wheat but responds badly to all kinds of sugar and other starches, so I'm without excuse.

    I'm an LCHF moderate protein nut. Cream is my friend until I decide to go dairy free again. Cream, eggs and bacon. Who could hate that?

    Even my daughter said you can see the difference in my butt. That's odd because I eat lots of pork, beef and lamb butt.

    Continue to feast on the good stuff.


  4. You're right it takes many years for us to realize what does and doesn't work for us!
    You are the poster child for what does work.

  5. Commit commit commit, say that three times fast with a mouthful of butter

  6. Hi Anne, I still think of you as our leader, you have been awesome sharing your knowledge. hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  7. Love your zeal for tripping, always find your post amazing. You always share your new experience of traveling which are always full of excitement and adventure. Just love to follow your posts!!!!


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    Anyway... your blog is one of a kind (thank God!)

    Happy new year!

    1. Oh, Jack - I thought they were just being kind!
      The one before that told me I was not an American Princess,
      and I would not be fit for marriage..... Had to tell him to go Fugg Off!
      Over the years, I've also had one boy ask me to adopt him, and 4 lonely guys want to marry me!
      Oh- and I've "met" a ton of great Blogging Buds like you!
      Happy New Year, Jack!


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