13 December 2012

super id

Went out looking at Christmas Lights the other day....
We really don't have time for things like this...
We have to MAKE time, because getting out in "real life"
Really is a Priority!

I inherited a bird!
I call him Mr Peepers!
His bird-wife died and the family said
"Get Him Outta Here!" ... so I did!

Went driving around in the so-called country...
But with an agenda!
Looking for a cute little place perhaps to one day call my own.
But with a twist! 

DFW seems to be unique in many ways,
When you compare it to other large cities...
30 minutes drive and you are looking at gas stations
slash diners slash grocery stores that boast about these!
They probably ate 'em!

I am busy busy busy in ways that I never imagined
I could sustain! I love what I am doing and it seems to be 
An effortless labour of love!

Back in the day, I could barely walk up the stairs to my apartment.
I could never have kept up such a pace - if not for LoCarb!

Eating has been spot - on...
Eating - not cheating!
Had some wine at the annual XMas party -
Just one glass! Now only on rare occasions.
O That This Too Too Solid Flesh Would Melt!

And here I thought is said Seasoned Eatings!

Ho Ho Ho!
Love y'all!


  1. I wondered how you came by Mr Peepers. Season's Greetings, Anne!

  2. Oooh, I love those pretty trees all lit up! I'm planning on going Christmas light "siteseeing" soon, too.

    It's wonderful to read how you are able to handle your busy life now, due to being healthier (thanks to low carb). That's definitely encouraging to read!
    And love that cute photo with the Santa hat... made me smile!

  3. Back on the lo-carb bandwagon here starting tomorrow. Enough is enough. I just can't take being so fat and out of shape after having reached my goal. Hopefully, this effort will be rewarded and I will be back where I was by summer.Keep me in your thought.

  4. Those colorful trees reflexed on water are almost ansel adamish! Beautiful! A country house would be nice. Quiet and safe.

  5. Welcome Mr. Peepers!!! You are a good soul to inherit a bird. He looks like a fun little guy.

    You found some lovely Christmas lights, Anne. Glad you are getting out and still on the hunt for the perfect home. I know it's out there and when the time is right you'll spot it a mile away :-)

    And I'm especially glad to hear you're feeling good-- You look very cute in your Santa hat! Merry Christmas, xo jj

  6. Merry Christmas season, Anne. I am so glad you are looking around for the perfect little home to call your own. The short sale was like your stable in Bethlehem, now it's time to find your nurturing place in Nazareth. A place for your bacon and eggs and brisket and all.
    Ho, ho, ho, katrina

  7. Beautiful Christmas lights!!
    Mr. Peepers is looking pretty cute and content :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. In Texas they spell Labor, Labour?

  9. Amazing you have a wonderful drive, seem to be quite exciting, peeper is so cute and lovely, just enjoyed your collection of pics for the trip. The trip was quite adventurous.

    Oxmo udsalg


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