24 May 2017

lets try that again

Summer in Texas is good for Salads

And cooking in the Instant Pot

Eating on the patio with a chiminea burning piñon wood 

This is Beef Stew

Things are getting back to normal for me....
Cooking with friends and getting out a little more.
It's about time, too!

Also, I found this pic from 2011... and 2017
I am not sure about the face!

Two years ago this weekend, I broke my leg.
I never dreamed it would take this long to get back on my feet.
Literally. And in all areas of my life.
So yeah!


  1. Love your patio Glad to hear you're settling in :)

  2. My dinner invitation must keep getting lost in the mail!

  3. My dear Enz. Your invitation is always open!


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