11 May 2017

happy blogaversary to me!

Time to celebrate!

A virtual celebration with Pete's Cheese Balls


Goats - named Squishy and Squashy

A new patio in a new place

Pretty Spring Flowers

OXO is the best food storage system PERIOD.

Trader Joe's RibEyes

A few more celebrations here and there

And a virtual night with fun people -

Thanks for being with me through the past 8 years!
And now... back to business


  1. I promised my boss I would focus on my career first, and blogging second. Which is kinda boring, but very true. So I took a few weeks off from blogging to let things settle down in my life. Moving, etc is hard! But I stayed on point 99.9% and now, I am ready to blog some more. Let's go!

  2. Replies
    1. I am not a blogging prude. I don't blog for the photo ops. From time to time, I have to do an ego check to make sure I am not blogging for the wrong reasons. So welcome back for sure! I miss blogging when I take a break.

  3. hip hop happy Anniversary!!!

    1. Yes! Thanks, Karla! Through thick and thin!

  4. Always love your posts and pics!

  5. There you are ! Welcome back :)


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