13 May 2017

instant pot





Everywhere I go to cook for someone, they always call back. 
And go on and on about how good the food was 
and how much better they felt when they ate it. 
The Instant Pot is a raging success and the beat tool 
I have in my Low Carb bag of tricks 
What is an Instant Pot- you may ask? 
Well! The Instant Pot is a modern, computerized pressure cooker. 
It plugs in, instead of cooking on the stove top. I
t's about $100 on Amazon. And no, I don't work there.  😁

So I cook up a batch every two or three days. 
It is so versatile, it can cook stew, soup, meats of any kind. 
Even can cook a cheesecake! 

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