07 November 2015


CPR time again 
La Baby looks thirsty 

Look who I met up with whilst celebrating 
With Sherri for her PhD - 
Hi Susan!

She says this part of the package is no big deal - but I know it is!
Congrats, Dr Sherri!

Lunch With Sherri

Beware the Holiday Office Offerings are coming!

The skies and sunsets are pretty amazing in North Texas right now.
I work mainly in an area North of Dallas.
Still some wide-open country up there!

This particular night, there were tornado sirens going off...
And all the hospital patients had to be evacuated -
To the hallways!

And a nice fire to come home to!

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  1. Congratulations to Doctor Sherri! Great pics…especially love the warmth of the fireplace. And the big peanut butter was a hit!


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