26 November 2015

a little help from my friends

One minute you're fine...
Interviewing for a Dog Walking Position
[Why not? It's a good workout, and decent extra pay -
Without a heavy commitment to saving human lives]

These are (maybe) the 3 Dogs that knocked me down
And fractured my Tibial Plateau!
I fell over the top of a 4th Pit Bull...

The next minute you can't walk
Or even stand up - 

Hours of waiting- literally

I had to hold my own plates at the VA Hospital -
Not complaining, though...

Missed Diagnosis and Very Little Pain control.... 

lol - the Internet wins today!

This is the day I fell on the floor,
And had to Google "How to get up off the floor"

Going to the store takes Super-Human Effort
And a little help from your friends

Then eventually, a Cane -
And Trekking Poles

Now - 6 months to the date of my injury,
I can finally walk without a brace or cane.

I can carry a fairly heavy load (in a bag)
AND I can walk up the steps in a normal fashion 
NOT baby stepping it!
One or the other.. can't carry something heavy 
AND take the steps ... yet!

OH- and the other day, I changed the sheets 
By myself. A milestone!

So all my research on PUFA's 
And Inflammation, Cox2 Inhibitors -
Gelatin, Protein, Carb Reduction / Sparing...
The patient I helped the most  -- was me!

So thanks! To Pete, Cher -
All who checked on me -
Offered to help - and just were being good friends!

I would still be sitting on a bench in the rain...
If not for my BFF - Sherri!
Thanks for helping me get back on my feet -
Here's to another 40 years of having out 
And being there for each other!


  1. WOW - Miss Ann! Those are some pretty big dogs! Glad you are better.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!

  2. awe man you have had a rough year this year physically!!! hugs to you ... get better and hug Sherri for me for being there for you :)

  3. So glad you have improved…I know it was a long time, but wonderful that you had caring friends to look out for you. You know I got nothin' but love for you, Miss A!

  4. Wow, Ann you are one of the best inspirational. Happy to come back again for more posts :)

  5. What happened? Did you die? (I know you didn't...lol) Come back to blogging, my friend. Come back. You help so many people, as you help yourself. I love how you turn things around. Maybe take your own advice and turn things around. See you soon! Looking forward to it!

  6. I didn't die, per se.... just died a little bit... thanks for your kind words!
    ONE YEAR LATER I am just now getting around!


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