05 March 2015

what comes next

Ugliest Spouts EVER

3 points and 4 points...
Do you know the difference?

I.... can't....reach... it.... lol

Mary of Pudding' Hill 
is no more in Greenville 

Collin Street Bakery is, though
But they are photo shy

Fog ahead

Joggers with pony tails ahead

Barns ahead

Found a cold little doggie...
Finally found a guy who knew her Mom

Ducks in the pool in Dallas, Tx

Dinner with Sherri 
Keep forgetting something,
And end up at the store.

Well, maybe Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs are worth the trip

Broccoli Slaw

Sugar-Free Apple Pie...

Best Chili Ever

Please Siri, I want some more

Still plugging along...
Sort of...
Catching up on resting..
Getting ready for what comes next


  1. Those Brussels really disguised themselves well! Lot of nice food pics, as always Miss A! And a sweet pic of you too!

  2. Nice to see you are back - try and don't do that again! <3

  3. glad you are back... missed ya
    hope all is well in your neck of the woods

  4. And they are BRUSSELS sprouts, not Brussel. Dumb store can't recognize the vegs nor spell them. At least they didn't put an apostrophe before the last "s" in sprouts. I'll give them credit for that.


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