31 March 2015

prepping for the fun

Tons of traffic - It is nothing to take 3 hours
To get home from being out of town.

Ahhh - rural nursing

East Texas BBQ

I went in here - the prices were from a decade ago -
And the service is wonderful!
A Butcher came out from behind the counter,
And gave me a sample of Beef Log -
Before my eyes had even adjusted from the sun

Old time-y feel to the whole town

Oh don't worry -
Fuji Film is a great place to work!
What could possibly go wrong?

This store in Uptown Dallas
Is heaven for any Baby Boomer 
Who never managed to grow up.

They say that if you never got your heart broken - REALLY broken -
Then you never really had to grow up.
Might be true!

The Web Site just can't keep up with the massive inventory

For starters - Plastic Roaches

And Poop on a Pencil -
I could not find the Plastic Vomit.
Maybe next year!


  1. Thanks for taking me along for the ride, Miss A!

  2. That poop on a pencil turned out to be a big hit. Eewww


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