19 March 2015

dinner with sherri

Dish # 1 - Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf!
Take some Ground Beef and Ground Pork 

And some Bacon -
Next time, I will use thin-sliced for sure

Add some Sliced Cheese-
Clean up the edges

Roll thusly -
Don't make it too tight - 
Or the inner "curl" of Bacon
Never gets cooked 

Dish # B - Quiche!
Fried Ham - in this case, 
Low Sodium Spam, actually

Add Broccoli, 12 eggs with Heavy Whipping Cream
Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, etc
Any thing you like in a Quiche!

Dish #3
These are Zoodles -
Spiral-cut Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Be aware - you get "stems" like this!

Sherri and her Zoodel-er

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - 
The Meatloaf is cooking at
360 for 30 minutes...

Then glaze with BBQ sauce...
Come another 30 minutes

Coat with Crushed Pork Rinds
This has Dried Onions on top.

Also known as "Guy Onions"
Because most guys only know how to make one dish -
The obligatory green bean casserole with
cream of mushroom soup and these onions.
NOW you know what I mean!

The Finished product!

The Quiche is ready!

Top with Cheese - any kind you like!


Berries for Dessert!
These have a bit of Swerve -
It is March, after all....
And not quite in full season for sweetness

This is a No-Bake Cheese Cake....
Cream Cheese, Gelatin, and Water (for Blooming)
Add Sweetener... Lemon, etc...
Almond Crust with Butter

None too Sweet - but everyone ate all of it!


  1. Too funny! I know many people who can only make "guy" casseroles, for church pot lucks!

  2. lol - yes - everyone knows THAT GUY -
    DO NOT be *that guy*!!

    I would close up the ends of the meatloaf - to keep the cheese inside...
    might have to try this again!

  3. Meatloaf looks amazing - thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan

  4. Your spiral cut zucchini with the stems cracks me up!
    Everything looks delicious!
    xo jj


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