08 November 2014

wylie texas

Cooling nights... a lovely fire

LC Chili - 
Really, just a "Scramble" with all the right spices...
Ground Beef.... Tomato Sauce... Onions, Garlic.....
And here with some Cottage Cheese...
Makes me think I am really in a cottage.

Texas Toys

THIS lady fixed my phone problem for $12 and it took 5 minutes.
She got me a track phone, and that is that.
Until the "real" comes in.

And she gave me a cookie!

Raising money for the cause In Wiley, Tx

I hate to pose with tall, skinny young ladies....
But I guess I don't look as bad as I thought!

Steak Kountry...
"With a 'K' ...."
As the locals say 

Fill'er up

Some awesome cloud formations today


I actually had nothing better to do than to pull over 
And take this Monster Picture!
Life is good. 
Well.... good enough


  1. It is rare and pretty to see this type of cloud formation - Mammatus Clouds - here in North Texas

  2. lookin and feelin good down there yaaay

  3. Love the clouds and the Chewbacca run in! LOL!

  4. You are such a hoot! I hope to meet you in person one day :)


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