04 November 2014

true story

Started raining here- really nice weather for sleeping

For driving - not so much

Good for tearing down tear-downs

Got to where I could not see the road... 

Went to the mall again to fix my iPhone situation...
I was there over 5 hours... standing...
Chatting up the sales guys...

But instead, I inadvertently made it worse.
Why - o - why do people lie?

Filled out a credit app at the Verizon Store 
And the guy *knew* he did not have a phone to sell me....
Even asked I asked and he said yes!

I guess technically he DID have "a phone" to sell me...
But not the 168 GB iPhone 6!

The wonderful guy at the Apple store
Called in my numbers and it came back looking like
FRAUD because the hits were too close together.

Can't even get a track phone because  (actually)
No one at WalMart knew how to activate one!

True story.
Every Perp in town can get one.
But not me.

So, a few times a day I get some wifi-
And check my messages...
Until the new phone comes in on 21 Nov -

Until then, people - please!
Learn to freaking text!

Love, Anne H


  1. Well dang it all. That really sucks! Come on November 21st!!!

  2. Girl----go get a tracphone--- YOU can activate it easy peasy in 3 minutes. I did mine and I am NOT a techy at all! Not having a phone is hard these days. I don't know how we lived the first several decades of our lives. ;)

    1. I did try - and will try again today... the nice folks at WM did not even know how to take the locked up goodies out of the cabinet! And all the "bosses" had already gone home by the time I got there at 7 pm....
      But YES - we DO need our phones!
      If I had a phone in Nursing School - I would have been able to text all day... and maybe everything in my life would have been different now!

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