01 November 2014

cleaning like the fool that i am

Too much energy - 
When I go really really LC 
I get twice as much stuff done
In my waking hours!
Go Figure

FINALLY getting rid of all the fat sized stuff
I have 2x, XL, lg, and medium....
And it's way too much!
So I got rid of the BIG stuff
Just because I can


  1. Your home is so inviting. I need to get down to Texas for an iced tea! Wheeeeeee! Nice job on getting rid of those clothes. Most of mine are flapping around me like wings, but I hate buying new stuff…so I will just wear the flappers until they fly right off.

  2. I love your space--agreeing with Kim--very inviting, indeed! Congrats on ridding your closet of the big sizes!! I was just marveling at your pink scrubs before and after--whoa. Wow. You're amazing, Anne.

  3. Or, "then and now," or as I like to say, "before and current." :)

  4. The place looks great. Time to put up your feet by the fire.


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