15 February 2014

shop and chop


Got this brisket at a Mexican Food Place
But it was way to hot for me

So I gave it away and in exchange,
This cat got to pet me

Best LC Chili I have had in a while.
Chili Meat, Chuck, Tomato Paste,
Water and Spices... lots of em

Valentine's Day is here ... and now it is gone

Anyone use these Salad Keepers?
So far, so good

A chicken in every pot

Lots of shopping and chopping here

I keep little bottles around for cooking....
lol... they make a lot of noise when they clink together!

So I put my two small brain cells together and came up with this:
If I get fired from this Very Hard Case - then so be it.
Not fired from the company - just chosen for a different case.
Things are not like they were 20 years ago 
When I was fresh out from Nursing School!
But I am not going to fret over all the crazy shit!
Crazy Shit will always be with us...
Bless it and release it and let's move on already!

Ahhhhhh.... much letter!


  1. god bless america - you are hot!
    and goergus - and way too cute for your own good!

  2. When I was a 'new nurse' at the ripe age of 21 I had a patient ask for me to be removed from caring for her--I was too 'casual'. It was nightshift in a room with 4 other patients and I was 21,..bite me. Looks like a groovy Valentines.

    1. Indeed - There was a time I would have equated a request to be transferred - as a failure on my part. Now I know better. I think I was probably 5 years old emotionally going into all this...lol
      LAL... live and learn!

  3. Jealous of your very tidy fridge! Might even be inspired!

  4. Those look like some really great meals! Nice on the shop and chop!

    Bless and release...very beautiful!

  5. Wait..they gave you a gift and then..they fire you? Cray cray!
    All respect to you as an RN Anne.

    1. Ah - alas! There is the rub - I am an LVN.
      Years ago, I was offered a free ride to Medical School in the Army. I said NO. I want to work with people. Not sit behind a desk. Same with being an RN. Not even a "Vocational RN"..... Noble thoughts.... and true!
      BUT (there is always a but) .... now, 20 years later, I am seriously considering a career in real estate or prostitution, (lol) because the hours are always hard, the bosses are always greedy, and the list goes on and on.
      Many times I wish I had taken the opportunity to get an advanced degree. Frankly, though I would have been just as unhappy - but on a higher level. Most RN's don't know much more than I know. AND at the end of the day, I go home, and the phone does not ring with 1,000 myriad problems. They run those case mangers ragged - and for nothing.
      PLUS I abjectly disagree with half the crap they teach in school. Like diet. And pill-pushing. I sat in the parking lot once after a shift, pondering the ramifications of the parroting of crap that comes from my Nursie Mouth....ie: eat more pie, Mr. Smith, and I'll give you more insulin! Or this: Eat your heart healthy whole grains, Mrs. Jones! (We need more people in Hospice!)
      So yes.... I clean up poop and deal with puke and do all the things we all became Nurses for. And I love it, for the most part.
      Maybe I am just not a Night Shift person!

  6. Bless ya for caring for others in any capacity


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