18 February 2014

lc chimichanga

Took a Chook
(a chicken)
And boiled it

I was just amazed at how much meat it had! 

Made this LC Chicken Soup
No Noodles

 LC Chili
No Beans

LC Salad
  LC Chimichanga

Just a LC Tortilla 
Stuffed with Cheese and Cream Cheese
And Meat of your choice.... 
Add your fave spices...
Cook on the stove top or bake

Skirt steak or Fajita Steak 
Takes a while to cook - and chew - 
We used Chicken and Ground Beef

  The amusing House Salad

A flower from my case

Noisy apartment

A lovely sunset  - just in time


  1. You are on a real cooking roll! Wheeeee!!! Love all the pics!

  2. omg the fajita steak looks sooo delicious :)

  3. Mmm! Daymn, look at all those carbs :P Yumm :B

  4. Do you put anything in with the chook when you boil it? Any particular seasonings? And low long does it take to cook when boiling? Thanks, the Chimis look amazing!


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