11 February 2014

2 brain cells left

I love to shop and chop and prep all the food

A Hamburger with Ham on it.

Cooking with Sherri

Lots of snow and cold this year.


Scotch Eggs

FatHead Pizza - pretty good (link)

Trying to find ways to stay awake and things to do
on my nights off... Nights suck

They suck the life right out of ya!
I have only 2 brain cells left. 
I am trying to rub them together and come up with a better way.
*Ouch!* It hurts!


  1. Look at all those lovely meals made by two lovely ladies!!!

    There has to be a better way, Miss A. It will come to you!

  2. I only have two two two as well :-)

  3. When can we all come for dinner?

  4. I had steak and avocado for dinner after looking at your cooking! Thanx for the inspiration all around.


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