05 August 2013

carb exposure

Arrrgh - carb overload!

All these years I practiced avoidance -
And did well... now I am in Carb Territory -
And I have to admit - not always 100%

Mostly ok - and it's summer ....
I have no appetite and I have to make myself eat - 
No harm on the scale, either - 
Unlike like year when my "bites, licks and tastes" 
Cost me a dear 10 pounds of Rump Rubbage....lol

Bounty from the garden - small, but mighty, eh?

My Cousin Vinny - the original food blog photo

This works too -
Going out to someplace new on my days off -
Yay for good friends!

Here's me crying because I only got a quarter pound
 and not the half! Maybe next time!


  1. Rump rubbage! Nice! For me it's belly baggage. Love that teeny weeny carrot, the green pepper looks pretty good too.

  2. Belly Baggage.... that too! Chin Wagging is right up there, as well!

  3. Funny post! Just love your phrasing.

  4. The food all looks lovely and I am a big fan of the cherry bowl. I love cherries!

  5. The pepper was yummy! That little carrot - well C said not so much when he tried it. But it sure was cute! Where are we going next? New places, good friends, good food. I picked this time - you pick next!

  6. Love your tiny carrot. I bet it's sweet!
    xo jj

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