17 August 2013

a week in august

Lots of stretching

Lots of Fat Bread

Went to a Mooooovie

Saw Elysium 

And Dinner

Good Friends

And no, I did not eat the bread

What is that Burger

Guess Who wants some too

Did I mention Fat Bread?

The more I blog - the more accountable I am
So I blog .... I blog already!

Got about an hour of light walking in most days this week.
The scale stays the same but I am tired....


  1. Mmmm...fat bread. So tasty...a friend of mine made it once and it was great. Keep on bloggin' Miss A!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fat bread - and your day off - with me!

  3. Yummm!

    I need to blog too.... same reason.



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