24 September 2012

the smug face of bacon

LC is good for you - wow

Bacon and some red peppers and onions

Ground Sir and Red Peppers and Onions

NY Strip and Red Peppers and Onions
And Buttah

Vote for Jimmy John's

A wrap - was very good.. they get my vote for sure

Breakfast of Chompions

Bacon with Dry Rub

Happy me!
Catching up on all my rest and errands,
After my 18 week mega schedule!
Didn't stray too far off plan,
Didn't miss a day,
Didn't lose my mind,
Didn't mess up my apartment!
All priorities!


  1. Very cute picture! I am loving all the meat!


    1. This was a great week for meat!
      Wish you were here to share it with me!

  2. Hi Anne! Long time no talk-- You have been super busy! Glad things have slowed back to normal for you. And glad to see you looking so great and with your priorities all in a row :-)

    All's well around here too. I thought of you the other night when they were showing pictures of The Space Shuttle Endeavour flying over In 'N Out Burger near LAX on tv!

    Take care, xo jj

  3. I would have loved to share all that awesomeness with you!! Delish!

    1. Soon! Our day to meet in person will come!
      And there will be tons of bacon and steak!
      All things yummy for my SS!

  4. I didn't know Jimmy Johns sold wraps! Super Yea :)

  5. I promise I'm not trying to burst your bubble but just heard that there is going to be a "global bacon shortage" because of the drought. Maybe you should buy a bunch and freeze it?

  6. Great pictures, they left me with my mouth watering.


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