12 September 2012

still on track

Some going out this week

Some cooking in

Some fancy stuff - this
All Grass Fed Beef

My Dearly Beloved Mother's Crock Pot
Finally bit the dust...

A Monster here or there...
Still jamming "out of my shoes"
as they say - and for a good cause!

First one to work, last one to go home....
And in a few days/weeks we'll see 
if - and how it all starts to pay off!

Hopefully I will have some wonderful news to share!


  1. Pete O: here.. Oh you know me... I just do not know how to post on a blog.. (FB was not an option) LOL .. Girl.. you look so cute in pink.. elevation burger.. excellent.. - I can't wait to hear the news.. Hail.. first to come last to leave.. you are working your arse off! I cant wait to hear the good news!!!

  2. ooh and I hate for you the FIRST THERE LAST TO GO.

    1. At first I hated it too....
      Then I saw that I was in a great spot
      To make some awesome changes....
      If I could only endure the crappy schedule!
      So far..... so good!

  3. You are on a smooth roll... Good Job, Tripster. It is great fun and inspiration looking through your past blog posts and following your journey. See ya, Sistah!

  4. I can't wait to hear your news, Anne. :)


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