31 December 2009

easy dinner

Ever since my bout with H1N1,
Monster Drinks with Protein Mix
are an everyday occurrence for lunch.
What's for dinner?

a frozen ground beef patty
george forman grill

a little chipotle sauce
a little spicy spice...

...and a salad
with CATalina dressing
and parmesan cheese

The frozen meat is actually good quality, and easy and fast to prepare...
Clean-up is easy, as this grill has removable plates...
The salad comes from a mix in a bag.
No excuse to not have a hot, healthy meal, even at the end of a 12 hour shift!

Enjoy the Blue Moon!

The kittens in the laundry room are finally getting used to people being around.
Ah, maybe one day, they will know we come in peace, and mean them no harm....
*check out the video in the sidebar*
The Pink Glove Dance

and Happy New Year,

~there's no need to fear,underdog is here!~


  1. Easy does it. You're right... it's easier than ever to eat right, just like it's easier than ever to eat poorly. The choice is ours...

  2. Excellent day of moderate eating. Very good to see you fighting the fine diet! New year here :)

    NO drinking and driving anyone !

  3. And also to you, Rachel, and Jack!
    I keep my diet real simple and redundant - almost boring....
    A photo blog would be *yawn* around here....
    Same thing, different day!
    Happy New Year, Everyone!

  4. Sometimes the most simple dinners are the most delicious and healthy :) Good to see you back!!

  5. It is thanks to you, SS, and my blogging buddies that I am back!
    If I didn't show my face here, now, I could never show my (fat) face anywhere, ever again.
    Yes - the easier the plan, the freaking better, eh?
    Leaves less opportunity for a trainwreck!

  6. That blue moon was AMAZING! We all stood on the porch and just stared at it!


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