28 December 2009

breakfast, lunch and dinner

Black Coffee - Taster's Choice Gourmet Roast Instant
no cream - go figure

Lunch is a Monster LoCarb Energy Drink
Mixed with Protein Powder
A double scoop
It dissolves well and makes a pretty good mix
It gets pretty fizzy ✳✳✳✳

The rest of the can - it's a really big can -
I drink during the rest of the day...
A couple of days collection of Energy Drinks
It seems I like Monster LoCarb best...
I actually tried them all - more or less

Not to worry - I recycle!

These two ran and ran as fast as they could....
I could not catch them....

When all else fails....improvise!
from the movie "The Mean Girls"

*check out the song in the sidebar!*
The Pink Glove Dance


  1. Great dining sample to follow..

    how are you?

    I like the food you eat, can you share?

    in case you wonder where I live.

  2. Hey Anne, Cute gingerbread men. Unfortunately, I'm the fox that figured out how to catch them...one too many.

  3. Omelet's are one of my favorite brekkies :)
    Who ended up catching the gingerbread guys??

  4. I think Monster is the only one I haven't tried.

    Merry Holidays!

  5. It ain't Christmas without gingerbread. Come here little dudes! LOL

    I am jealous you can make an omelette. I can't make anything that requires flipping. I am a disaster at pancakes ...

  6. Omlettes are one of my favs anytime of day or night. The universal egg :)

    Anneh is back on TRACK!

  7. The two GingerBread People musta took off when the dish ran away with the spoon!
    Antgirl - I am a "flippin' disater" too - or so I've been told!

  8. Anne, very interesting. I don't think we have those cans here...we are always way behind you guys anyway. So glad your back.

  9. I'll be on the lookout for the Monster drinks. Thanks for the tip.
    And if it wasn't fro egg whites I'd starve :-)

  10. Monster drinks are pretty much how I survived the flu -
    But not Cookie Monster drinks - gingerbread, or otherwise.
    That's just not right!


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