31 December 2009

big hot plans for new year's eve

A neighbor called me and said she thought she smelled something burning.
It even set off her fire/smoke alarm.
We all smelled something "hot" too.
So she called the Fire Department.

Next thing ya know, they are knocking on doors, going though apartments.
Looking for infrared thermal images. Heat seeking on New Year's Eve.

My apartment was a real mess.
Boxes of supplies from my truck...fitness equipment...a stack of dvd's...
I guess I need to clean up a little!
That's a good way to start the New Year - all cleaned up and ready to go.
"Dress-Right-Dress," as they say in the Army.

I guess it was dramatic enough for a temporary distraction.
Back to work, then!

Happy New Year!
Here's to an un-cluttered mind
and peaceful outlook in the new year/decade!

"It's Been A While" ....by Staind.... Now that you mention it, yes it has!


  1. ...I should have asked them if they rescue kittens while they were here...
    just thinking out loud...

  2. Ha, your too funny...You know I don't think I have ever heard that song before. I Liked it, and yes it has been awhile, that's why I am so excited about the New Year. Did you get any phone numbers? Happy New Year Anne.

  3. i cleaned my closet out last evening and watched kathy and anderson drop the ball in nyc. ah, lifestyles of the hip and the glamorous!

  4. I am cleaning out the "closet of my mind" and getting rid of the ideas that just don't fit me anymore for what ever the reason!
    Out with the old...eh?
    But, where to start?

  5. Great song! And, did they find the cause of the worry?

    They probably do rescue kittens, too.

    Ahh, cleaning out the mind, not an easy task and probably best without the aid of harsh chemicals.

    I think I need to fumigate mine.

    Oh, and Happy New Year to you!

  6. Aye - there's the rub!
    Life without harsh chemicals....a dream? a nightmare?
    Cause or effect? Mindfulness...fear....love....ketones....
    We all just want to be happy, but we define it
    in such a way, that it can never be achieved.

    Peace to the act of always putting out imaginary fires!

  7. "A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight" comes to mind. Decluttering is a benefit, I guess. I'm gonna have to ponder life without harsh chemicals. :)

  8. Dare I say "holy smokes"!?!?!
    Hope everything was okay.


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