07 July 2017

a new job pathway

This is an ad for Ensure.

This is an ad for Glucerna.

This is the carb count for Glucerna (23 carbs)
And for Ensure. (50 carbs)
But I can't imagine WHY any Diabetic should ever drink Glucerna.
I can't imagine why any Diabetic should ever have that many carbs!
This is not even close to the Diabetic Diet that most Dietitians endorse.

Insulin is so inflammatory.
So is Glucose.
And remember, INFLAMMATION is the problem 
In SO MANY disease processes. 

What causes Inflammation? 
We shall see! But I am certain now 
It has much to do with Mast Cells. And Lymph.

This is heart healthy? Really? 
How is that possible?
Remember when Cherrios was in hot water for saying 
That it can lower cholesterol?
Is it a drug?

So I resigned my position as a Home Health Nurse this week.

A co-worker said I had no Integrity.
She was talking about another issue altogether.
And I went home and thought:
By The POWERS, she is right!
I really feel as though I am helping 90% of the people I work with.
I like that ... cuz I know you can't have everything.

But I can't keep placing myself in an environment 
Where people are overtly "in my face"... 
That is not what I signed up for!

And the appetite for carbs is ruining people's health.
I can't keep being a part of that.
That is a lack of integrity.
The your words and actions and beliefs don't match up.

I even switched the cats to no grain, no corn, no soy
NO fillers food... even raw... when they will take it!

Free lunch - compliments of Uber
(They messed up - so they comped me)

And lunch from a friend...
Which I ate every bite!

Back to Food Prep.
The Instant Pot helps so much!

And cooking meals at home.

The good thing about being at a case 12 hours is 
I am inside with air conditioning...
And a clean bathroom...
And a microwave! So I can eat at work.
And take a break in place.

Keep Looking Up!
Cuz That's Where It All Is
As Kidd Kraddick used to say...

Insert Happy Face Here!


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