08 December 2016

office christmas party

Thing guy - is every where this year

This house had the most unusual netting all around it.
And some kind of radioactive snow.

THIS GUY had enough of traffic

He just got out of his car and walked away -
On the concrete embankment 

For the first time in my life, I had Lasagna
Made by a person who cooks real Italian.
The Italian Sausage was perfect.
I finally got it!
And she was pretty "meh" that I did not eat the pasta.
But that is ok.

Same thing with the Chicken.
Perfect Italian Chicken soup.

Ahhh -- A Foodie Kitchen

I helped a Diabetic Patient decorate a tree!

I was the only one there in scrubs.
I came right after work - and didn't get a chance to change.
Everyone else is really a local.

My wonderful bosses gave a wonderful party

The Money Shot -
And wouldn't you know it -
It is blurry!


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  2. The house with the "netting" is actually using a projector for those "lights". You may or may not know this - I couldn't tell :)


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