25 December 2016

merry christmas

Never show up empty handed to a Party

Or a Dinner

Or a Dinner Party

Late Night Snack

I drew this  - lol

A scrapbook present with pictures from like 4 years ago.
I feel as though I have aged 20 years.

When does it stop?

It never stops. 

We just learn better along the way

Nursing Home Christmas Trees!

I hope everyone has a happy - healthy -
Peaceful Holiday... 
However you celebrate (or don't celebrate)!

And may this year be a turning point of change
With Peace, and Understanding,
And even Love and Forgiveness 
For All!

How's that for a Holiday Blessing?


  1. Wishing you all things good for 2017 Ann and thank you for introducing me to Low Carb
    3 years ago.xoxoox

    1. Katie - I am thrilled to be the one who introduced you to LC!
      Here is to a lifetime of health! And friendship! <3

  2. Wishing you health and happiness. Thank you for getting me off the couch. Am now walking 2 miles a day and loving it. (so is my body). Thank you.

    1. AWESOME!!! This might be the best thing I have heard all year!

  3. LOL on the Christmas Ornaments! Happy New Year!

  4. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo hoooooo!!!!


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