18 September 2016

training at LLELA

Why have a training session in a gym - 
When you can do it outdoors?
Meet my Trainer, Rachel!

I had a little time before I could see a patient, 
So I asked my trainer if she could meet me.
We went to LLELA
Lake Lewisville 2000 acre Nature Preserve

We walked one mile
Half a mile there and back - to a 1870's Log Cabin
Complete with Model / Docents in period fashion!

There was a Log Cabin, a SmokeHouse,
And  smaller cabin

With all that porch and open breeze, it was cool inside the Log Cabin

In case of fire, this long log could be used
To pull the chimney away from the house!
Either by hand, or by horse.

I am getting MUCH better on uneven terrain

I got my walking in! And even hit an all -time record.
Did some modified planks, band work, etc
First time since my injury.

Worked up a nice sweat!
What fun! Can't wait to go back!


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