21 September 2016

no cheeseburger, no pirate, no balloon

Guess I missed it

Meh -close enough...
Not exactly Paradise by the dashboard light

Not exactly Meatloaf, either...  "lol"

It this thing on?
Windows Mouse
*spits on floor*

Probably (as in actually)
Can't make it this year... 
Arrrgh... maybe next....
(Been saying that for 3 years now)

Salad with a friend...

French Onion soup

Shrimp on a Stick

Now they are everywhere....
7 years ago, we prepped food in anything....
Old shoes.... glass jars...
Now you can get a week's worth of Fit Trays for $10

The Ceiling Fiasco continues....
But they knocked some $$ off the rent, so no worries... "lol"

Every time an Insulin Junkie
Shoots up in the parking lot at CVS,
An Angel gets his wings... or feathers.

Eve get sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Asking for a friend... "lol"


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