24 January 2016

back and forth some more

I had a class at work so I was in town all day for that...

What a great town this is, I might add

Egg places all over the place

It was a class AND an evaluation for work.
Did not want to miss that.
I got A+ and one A-.
Always room to imporve!
(Wink! See what I did there?)

Lots of take out when you are traveling

A rare rare treat at home 

I would love to try this.
The temp drops to like -240 degrees F
For like 3 minutes. WOW - that is better
Than a bathtub of ice! (link)
Apparently the machine are made in Richardson Texas,
So the Dallas area is already years ahead of market saturation.

Some one said I don't post enough Selfies.
Especially about my hair.
It IS growing quite long.
This will now turn into a hair blog.
You are welcome.

Guns and Texas

Wings Over America

But not over Nacho Grande
(I might *never* get over Nacho Grande - lol)

Easy to get and 5 minutes to prep.
PUFA bird is cheap!
But good enough when you are on the run.


  1. You are STILL out of town? I read about that on Face Book. How is your family member doing? I am keeping you in my thoughts. xoxoxo Cali

    1. Cali- Thanks! Yes .. still in and out of town.
      But I have to return to work sometime,
      While everyone is deciding what they are going to do.


  3. I think this is the first time I've ever been to your blog. I likes it lots.

  4. Thanks, friend! I've been blogging for nearly 7 years! It saved my life a time or two..
    Blogging gives me focus... helps me document.. and keeps me on track with "basics"

  5. And no - lol - my class was NOT at Total Wine!
    Just an oddly placed caption!


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