16 January 2016

back and forth days

Hello, Kitteh

The things you see whilst out and about

One year ago this week -

Easy Quiche Muffins

Put anything you want in a pan 
And bake it.

Scarier in Black and White 

Not crazy about the shaggy hair. 
I think it makes me look older.
Or maybe I just AM older.

I wanted to grow my hair long since the NoH8
Photo Shoot in Dallas. So many shaggy blondes!


  1. Nice pics, Miss A and great food as always! I love your hair long or short. It always looks awesome to me!

  2. You have the best hair-- regardless of the length!
    That's an odd image not he back of the truck!?!? Not sure I'd want to follow a guy like that but then again I don't think I'd want to be in front of him either ;-)
    Hope life is grand.
    xo jj


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