06 September 2015


I was walking across the room at work,
When I accidentally walked in front 
Of an active photo shoot!

So I grabbed a couple of beach balls
And joined in!
That is my KNEE brace down around my ankle -
Looking like an Ankle Monitor! lol

The camera angle is a bad thing sometimes!
Chin Alert!
This pic makes me look like I never lost one pound!

Can't have that!
Even if it's just something silly, like a picture. 

Back to basics every day!

6 years ago, there were just a handful of LowCarb Bloggers.
Now they are everywhere!
Ketogenic is all the (Fat) Bomb.

One group on FaceBook referred to me as 
An "experienced" low-carber!
Ha! I thought to myself....
If they only knew!


  1. girl - you look MAH-velous... all day, every day!
    I love you!

  2. Anne thanks to you I found "Low Carb"..and here I am 2 years later . I can't thank you enough for changing my life for the better!

  3. I LOVE Low Carb - It is the best!
    I am honored to be a Low Carb Guide and help to people -
    I know we all help and learn from each other.
    THANKS, Katie - you made my day! xoxox-!


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