11 September 2015

american woman

Can't take me anywhere

They eat horses, don't they?

The best way to make one trip...
Use a thingy

Lunch no bun

Computers are this thing that people use to get data from one place to another.
Nurses are just now using them.

After buying my own glasses every year os so,
I just found out I have insurance.
So I am shopping till I am dropping!

Thank you to the person who smashed my truck in the night...
Uninsured motorist helps me
More that it will ever help you.... lol!

Please no more guy food

Unless it is THIS kind of guy food!

Complete with mineral water 

A beautiful night was had by all.... 
Finally a break in the weather!


  1. Poor Trucky :( ..but I love those glasses hon !

  2. So sorry about your truck. I hope Karma gets the idiot.


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