04 April 2015

lunch out and about

Ugliest Water Tower Ever

Some Bloggers were saying that Weight Loss Bloggers
Never manage to show current pics.
I once put up a full body shot every week.
Here is this week - still within my limits - 

Went for some more BBQ

Found a Meat Maniac Store - (link)

Need to go when it is open! Looks Great!

Went to sit at a hospital with a friend of a friend 

This is an actual meal from a cardiac patient
Turkey on Whole Wheat with Baked Chips

bon pain - makes me so mad!

Vending Restrooms - 

Art in the Hospital

Trucky got a bath

Full moon and eclipse 

Lunch - RibEye and Salad

Went shopping with Sherri - 
We took our coats off and accidentally covered
up some DVDs and cards. Didn't set the alarm off
Until we went back IN to pay! Sheesh!


  1. You should have told the store manager you were the quality control inspectors and she/he failed LOL!
    That hospital food gives me a sad reminder of my BFF who died in 2013 after a couple years of many hospital stays eating that kind of food. Tried arguing with the hospital dietitian, it did no good, she kept to the party line! I think they contributed to her death.

    1. Tragic indeed .... I am so sorry for your loss... Florence Nightingale would have said that is adding insult to injury! Hospital food should be the best, most nutritious thing on earth.

  2. Oh no! What happened to Trucky?

    1. She took one for the team. I drove into a post to get closer to a keyboard entry pad... and wham! So I put a sticker on the side... "Tiz But A Scratch!" ... I get people stoppingme in traffic to comment on that one!

  3. We are honest, aren't we? lol


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