09 April 2015

big ole ribeyes

Back to Brekki - 
Was skipping it  

 Summer already -
We had our 2 weeks of Spring - lol 

Big, thick, juicy, Ribeyes


Trying different Gluten-Free, and Sugar Free 

But not for me - I try to stay below 20 carbs a day
And it seems to work - when I do!


  1. Good morning Anne. Could you send some of your green this way? Our snow is all gone but everything is still pretty brown, needing a bit of spring time green here.
    I love all the pictures you are sharing. It is awesome to open my mail and find a post from you. I don't get to comment most times but I do read everything.
    Take care and have an awesome and blessed Friday.

    1. Thanks - you made my day!
      Hope the snow turns to green soon! :)


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