01 February 2015

what in the world

Can Vegetables - what?

I like this Magnesium - 
Best element in the world

Made Salmon Patties
Used Pork Rinds for the crunch

Add Eggs, Mayo, Lemon, Dill, Old Bay
Whatever Seasoning you like 

Fry them up in a hot skillet
Use Coconut Oil
And keep them warm in the oven while you make more!

Serve with Sour Cream Dill 

Now that the old boss is gone,
People are much more relaxed and happy about work.
Isn't it wonderful to not have to deal with mean people?

Eating is spot on -
Walking is good

About 10 years ago, I inherited a storage unit
From when my dear Mother died.
I forgot about it, for the most part....
And now that I am a foodie, I wanted to get her kitchen stuff...
Some really good pots and pans.
The mean so much more to me now, than they ever could have before!
lol - thats why they were stored away for 10 years.

But now that I don't work 100 hours a week in a Group Home -
And now that I have a pretty good job - with free time - 
I might just tackle the task of sorting it all out.

I signed up for Free Cycle
And want to get go through as much of this as I can!
It is probably a nightmare waiting to happen.
Maybe a metaphor for de-cluttering my thoughts,
And finally "getting over" the bad things of the past,
And moving on - shedding pounds... 
And pounds of stuff!


  1. Okay CT, how much of the pork rind do you use and is it just mixed in with the salmon in the place of crackers or do you roll the salmon in the pork rind? I think need to try that!

    1. Try this link:

  2. Those Salmon Patties look yummy! I make them too. I grind up a couple bags of pork rinds in my food processor and keep the crumbs handy in my pantry. I also use them for breading chicken and fish mixed with Parmesan cheese & seasonings! Good meatloaf filler too :)
    You mom's locker looks like a treasure trove, happy cooking!
    PS: what's Free Cycle?

  3. Free Cycle - is like free recycling... like Craigs List, but it is all for free...
    AND the Salmon was great.. the Pork Rinds go right in the mix

    1. Thanks, I Googled it & there's even a group in my city :) I understood your recipe but I guess I wasn't clear in my comment. I was just singing the praises of ground pork rinds-that they can be used not only IN salmon patties & meat loaf but ON chicken & fish. Thanks again for the tip about Free Cycle I'm going to check it out!


  5. 10 years!!!??? First thing I thought was be prepared for some STRONG emotions resurfacing ..

    1. yes indeed - the first thing I found was her dumb little bear... not so dumb now... and gosh - I miss her so much!


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