24 January 2015

boring is good

Chicken Salad
After a few years of no chicken 
[too many PUFAs]
I just crave it

Chicken Soup for the Sole

Been taking a walk a few times a week...
And getting to a place in my blogging 
Will surely hep with being accountable.

Still drinking LC Monsters
Which is a pretty bad habit
I have given up a time or two...
NOW that I am 54... maybe time to cut back on the caffeine?

And look at that bump... 
Yep- that is gonna leave a scar...
I can only hope it is somewhat distinguished looking

So yeah.. spot on... 
For the most part


  1. That chicken soup was spectacular! I really did feel better after you brought me some while I was down this week. Thank you for sharing it! (And your scar is looking just fine!)

    1. glad you liked it .. and glad you are better!


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