13 October 2013

moving on up

Got some icing on mah finger -
Did not lick it off!
I am "over" my sweet craving - for now

This is much more to my liking these days

Want me some meat, please

My new apartment
 Long story

Lots of stuff in storage

Ready for the movers

People must be crazy - 
One medium-sized moving box for $4 
Or 20 for $20 - 
You decide!


  1. This is the first time I have been in the room with something sweet -
    And did not feel compelled to lick just a little bit - no way!

  2. Moving seems surprising. Hope the "long story" is ok for you. Glad your craving issues have subsided.

  3. I'm sorry or happy as the case may be about your move. I hate moving. I hope everything is going okay with you.

  4. Hope the move went well. Looking forward to a tour of your new casa ASAP.

  5. I also hope the move is the best thing for you and makes you very happy. You are being very mysterious. :) Ever onward.

  6. Everything is going to be okay.


  7. The sweetness is not all its cracked up to be.

    Moving is fun if you're excited about where you're moving to.

    Miss your updates, but moving takes it out of ya, huh??

    Hang in there, Miss Anne.


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