06 October 2013

move that butt

At my usual lunch with a friend,


I discussed how my situaion has come to an end -

So I planned and I planned

And I thought and it might be grand -
If I could see it as just starting again!

There has been a change in plans - again.
I will be getting my own place next week!
It is a cute little apartment
About 7 minutes away from work.
-Yes - I still have the same job!-

So everything is coming out of storage -
Including the flab on my butt!
And that ever-so-cute double chin....
Which evidently likes to settle there- 
After some 9 odd months of not working out.
Funny how that happens.

At first I opted for the smaller floor plan...
Kinda a smash-n-grab of off-campus living.
Then I stopped and reminded myself of the whole
"Eating" thing - and my commitment to "Health"

So, I upgraded to a larger apartment 
With a pantry and a dining room!

It is right by a fitness center and a little park!
I see plenty of days off and sleep
And walking  - in my future!

And next week - painting!
Details to follow.


  1. I LOVED this post and the poem! Change is all we can count on right? Something new aqnd better is comin' your way doll! Hang in there :)


  2. So I planned-ed and planned-ed
    So as not to get stranded -
    And it all might work out in "the end!"

  3. It's going to be great
    Moving to your own place.
    I really can't wait
    To see your new cozy space.

    EXCITING!! This next step is going to be awesome. Hand me a paint brush and I'll cut in while you role paint on the accent walls!

  4. I can't wait to see what you get up to in your new home.

  5. Impermanence at work. Love your rhyming skillz!

  6. Went back and read these older posts. You are a little vauge but I knew something was up. Bless your heart! You deserve better. Glad you got out from there and have your own place. I saw that about your ankle too. I hate that for you! That could have been very serious. Can you get them to help you with your injuries?


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