16 July 2013

everything I ever needed to know, I learned from blogging

Got these guys in a row -
MY - how they love to wander!

The other night, the power went out.
Texas Summer Storms... It happens!
I learned what to do from Kelly the Happy Texan (link)
Got everyone in the truck with the AC on full -
While the PowerCompany fixed the problem!

Fried/grilled/ Sauerkraut and Beef Weenies

Tons of Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken
And Chopped Brisket

Lamb Burger with Fancy Cheese

Double CheeseBurger 
With Double Bacon and Double Cheese

Lunch With Friends is always the Best

I got to be on a sign for work!
I'll take that as a good sign.
That, and one of my patients called me "Honey Boo Boo!" 
Which I will also take as a good sign.


  1. Yay! A post from Miss A! Loving all those burgers!

    1. Heehee - I am soooo busy - I am the busiest ever!
      I think I lost 3 pounds this week just from being busy --
      So I'll take it!

    2. Woooohoooooo Miss A! Keep on keepin' on!!!

  2. Your pictures clearly show why low carbing ROCKS. OUT. LOUD.

  3. Not entirely appropriate, but my grandfather always swore that ducks 'passed' bacon fat immediately.
    He further maintained that a piece of string tied to a piece of bacon fat resulted in 'a duck on string' and that you could collect an entire pond that way...
    food for thought.

  4. Getting everyone in the truck with the a/c on was a great idea. Hope the power wasn't out for long.

    And OF COURSE you'd be in an advertisement for the company-- You're a star employee :-)

    Stay cool, xo jj


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