26 June 2017


Just kidding - 

Two hours after a meal

My first successful little flowerings

I pushed the cart 
All by myself!

No food - someone ate it

So I ordered out - Uber now delivers!
That would have changed everything 
2 years ago with my broken leg!

So when you feel like this - 
Do something ASAP

I found a dry food for the babies
That has no wheat, corn or soy.
They loved it!

Accidents happen - LOL

Instant Pot Before...

And after!

P I E 
The Nursing Process:
Problem, Intervention, Evaluation

When something isn't working - 
Figure out what it is, and get back on track asap!

In my case - 
Too much driving, and too much heat

So I got a new hair style - much shorter
And drastically changed my work schedule.
I am taking a week off to finish up charts
A work-cation! 

I got a cooler and fill it every day with ice water!
I also increased my Potassium because leg cramps 

So we shall see if this is the winning combo for me.
I need some winning. 

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  1. You know your food is good when someone steals it, ha! Hope your legs improve. Deb


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