02 September 2013

getting better all the thyme

Keep going to lunch

Lamb Burger

Bacon Beef Burger
Corn Dogs with Almond Flour - 
Gluten Free - not LC

Not sure who was more scared...
the bird - or me...
When she got out of the cage and I caught her!

Fat Bread

Crustless Quiche

With Poached Egg Yokes in Butter

Best Dog Park in town


I grew this carrot
Only took 6 months and several hundred dollars

Gardening is a good thing
Needing a hobby!
Reminds me of this XTC song

Yay - for the getting back on track 


  1. Wow that looks like the carrot I grew two years ago, only larger than mine. Nancy

  2. Thanks I needed that carrot..I chuckled out loud!!!

    Love ya
    in dreary cloudy NYC xoxoox

  3. Ha Nancies comment made me laugh, How could you possibly remember what a carrot looked like 2 years ago. That carrot must have been quite close to your heart.


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