04 May 2013

grandmother finch

Birds do it - they say....
Well, it must be true - because one of the little Finchies
Has laid an egg!
Rolling on the floor laughing 

My boss gave nodding approval to the compost pile
And the rain barrels... Said she:
"As long as I don't have to smell it or deal with it...."
Just kidding 

Macy's and the Galleria from the 21st floor of a nearby hotel!

I never get tired of hearing this:
Pick up and drop off for L & D!
Smile with tongue

Hello? Broken Glass Mechanic?

Ahi Tuna by the pool.. 
And a salad!
I went to the Diana Krall concert tonight and it was wonderful!
I was so tired, I just about fell asleep in my chair!

The tomato plants and strawberry plants are growing!
Hot smile
And the best is yet to come -

Getting packed for the cruise... I have new luggage this year -
That is not camping gear! Moving on up!

Aye - to pack to the Kilt -
Or to sit in my cabin like a bump on a log...
Well--- in goes the Kilt!
Be right back
I leave in a wee bit!


  1. Have a great time and enjoy it for all of us who can't go! Bon Voyage!

  2. it was great to meet you last night! thanks for the pin! ;-)

  3. Have a wonderful trip and talk to you when you get back!

  4. Hi Anne
    Enjoy your trip - looks like a great time ahead for you.
    Love all your pics - your blog is looking very attractive.

  5. Have a great time won't you. Be sure to fill us in on your adventures!

  6. Have a great time on your trip.
    Ahi Tuna looks delicious!


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